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Patient Reference Group Report

We are very grateful to our patients who completed questionnaires and appreciate the positive feedback and ideas for improvements. We are continually working towards improving the service we offer and we will act on the views of our patients.

Patient Reference Group structure and profile:

Females members 4
Male members 4

Age Groups:

15 - 20; 1
25 - 30; 1
55 - 60; 1
60 - 65; 1
65 - 70; 1
70 - 75; 1
75 - 80; 1
80 - 85; 1
*85-90 1 represented by her son not included in above figures*


Indian, British Indian 2
British, Mixed British (Polish) 2
We are grateful to have input from minority groups in view of the practice demographics, which show that we serve a largely white British population.

Actions taken to ensure the PRG was representative

We advertised via:
posters on the notice board in our practice waiting room
we recruited by personal invitation, patients attending at: the surgery, at antenatal clinics, at baby clinics, at flu clinics and at home visits.

Copy of minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 20th March are enclosed here.

List of priorities agreed between the Practice and PRG:
The Practice to: offer the opportunity of consultations with a female doctor,
to consider the feasibility of raising some of the seating in the waiting room, to take measures to ensure appointments run on time, consider online booking of appointments, advertise it's GP Minor Injury Service, access to details of spending of Public money and allow patients access to the porch in inclement weather conditions.

A copy of the local practice survey undertaken can be found here, and the responses to said survey can be found here
The survey was conducted both via our practice web site and at the surgery opportunistically. We targeted the above mentioned groups to obtain as wide a range of views as possible.

Action plans

The Practice will invite both male and female GPs to cover the partners' annual leave.
Measures will be taken to improve the efficiency of our appointment service.
Online booking of appointments will be considered.
Our GP Minor Injury Service will be advertised in the waiting room via posters.
The Practice will consider the most appropriate way to keep patients informed of how new Public funds are spent.
Patients will be allowed access to the porch in inclement weather conditions when ever this is possible.
The feasibility of raising some of the seating in the waiting room will be considered in the next financial year.