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Patient Reference Group

We are very grateful to our patients who completed questionnaires and appreciate the positive feedback and ideas for improvements. We are continually working towards improving the service we offer and we will give serious consideration to any patient comments we receive.

The Care Quality Commission report for July 2014 can be found here.

From here you will be able to access minutes of past Patient Reference Group meetings and other documents:

- 13th December 2018

- 19th July 2018

- 15th March 2018

- 23rd November 2017

- 13th July 2017

- 27th April 2017

- 20th October 2016

- 21st April 2016

- 21st January 2016

- 12th March 2015

- 6th February 2014

- 28th February 2013

- 20th March 2012