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Eye-care/Minor Ailments

For minor ailments such as colds and coughs, please consider visiting your pharmacist for the following:

- Paracetamol for fever in children

- Indigestion remedy (e.g. antacids). Over the counter Ranitidine at the advice of the Pharmacist, if alginate/antacid mixtures prove ineffective

- Emergency contraception

- Antibiotic eyedrops

- Rehydration mixture for diarrhoea

- Sunscreen- SPF50 or higher

- Antihistamines for hay fever (you must not drive while taking chlorpheniramine or Piriton)

- Travel sickness tablets

Local Community Pharmacists run a Minor Ailments Scheme. Only those patients who are exempt from prescription charges are eligible for this scheme.

Please consider visiting www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk and www.nhs.uk for advice on a more comprehensive list of medical conditions and their treatment.


You should only go to A&E concerning eye-care if you are in considerable eye pain, have had significant trauma, chemical injury or burns, or have problems arising from recent eye surgery.
For other eye conditions such as red eyes, ingrowing eyelashes, painful eyes and something in your eye you should contact a participating optician by calling 01902 445 597 or by visiting http://wolverhamptonccg.nhs.uk/your-health-services/eye-care-service-pears